Emergency Gear

Make Difficult Situations Easier

Make Difficult Situations Easier

Get an emergency preparedness kit in Windham, ME

You don't want to get caught unawares by an emergency situation. With an emergency preparedness kit from Survive ME in Windham, ME, you won't have to worry about packing a bag in a hurry. We carry a wide range of survival gear and equipment and can ensure you have the equipment needed to survive for an extended period of time in various conditions.

We are a carrier for Blue Force Gear, including plate carriers, tactical belts, and slings

We put together custom made 72 hours emergency preparedness bags.

Call 207-572-1008 now for more information on our gear and equipment.

Wondering what you should have in your bag?

Packing a bug-out bag can be difficult. You'll want to make sure you have equipment, clothes, rations and more stored carefully without weighing you down. Just a few of the things you'll want in your bag are:

  • Water filters
  • Knives and tools

You'll find all the basics you want for an emergency preparedness kit at our store, including emergency blankets. Ideally, we'll help you build a bag that weighs 8 to 10 pounds and has everything you need to survive for up to 72 hours. Visit our store today to stock up on survival gear.