First Aid

Equip Yourself for Any Situation

Equip Yourself for Any Situation

Ensure you have emergency medical equipment at home in Windham, ME

It's always important to have emergency medical equipment nearby. That's why Survive ME sells a variety of medical equipment in Windham, ME. You'll find everything from C.A.T. 7 tourniquets and QuickClot combat gauze, tourniquet holders, and other products by North American Rescue. You can also check out our pre-made survival first-aid kits.

Contact us now if you want to pick out a first-aid kit.

Helping you keep your family safe

When you want to pick up emergency medical equipment, you'll want to stop by our store. With a quick trip to our store, you can:

  • Equip yourself for any situation
  • Store all your medical supplies safely
  • Have medic bags on hand in case of an injury

We have a wide range of supplies available, including pre-made survival first-aid kits, bucket bags and medic bags. We also have pre-made hiking packs available. For more information on our packs, reach out to us today.